Replacement Sheet Metal Floorboards for BMW E9 Coupes. 2800cs - 3.0cs - 3.0csi - 3.0csl

Contact Mike Pelly for information and ordering:

Phone: (714) 997-7123

Front Pans:
Made of 20 gauge steel, these pans have all the markings and features of the original pans, including the 6" round plug. Although the circular plug will not be functional/removable, it will look the same; especially from under the car after you apply undercoating. The pans have a 1" lip along the rocker panel (outside edge) and cover both sides of the frame rail, all the way to the driveshaft tunnel. The inside edge of the pan curves up the drive shaft tunnel about 2-3 inches. The front edge of the pans curves about 2 inches up the fire wall, and the rear edge about 3" past the front edge of the seat frame.

$195.00 ea

$195.00 ea
Rear Pans:
The detailing and gauge are the same as the fronts. The inside edge of the rear panels curves up the drive shaft
tunnel and the outside edge will not include a one inch lip that attaches to the rocker panel. The outside edge of the pan has been kept flat because this area rarely rusts, and instead of having to cut away good metal, you can lay the
new panel on top of the old panel. It will be more sturdy this way, and much easier to install.

$195.00 ea

Front and Rear Set (4 pieces): $695

Shipping and Handling: $40 (within continental U.S.)


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